Service Before Self or Self Service?

“Sanj, can you grate half a coconut for me before you leave?” Any person who takes positions either side of

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Flying Leonardo’s AW139 – The Offshore Industry’s Workhorse

As a pilot flying for the offshore oil & gas industry in India, I am fortunate to actively fly two

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Indian Elections 2019: Ab ki baar, WhatsApp Sarkar!

If well-educated, middle-class folks with access to the ‘information superhighway’ could boil a bunch of coriander leaves, filter and drink

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The Alouette & Lama Must Go

[This story was originally written in 2016 after a fatal Cheetah crash that killed three officers. A press release of

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So You Wanna Be a Test Pilot?

“Yes. I don’t know what it takes, but I want to be one”, said the young aviator with stars in

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Bad Days for IAF: Who Should Take Responsibility?

When it rains, it pours. For the Indian Air Force (IAF), it’s been pouring misery for three months. In yet

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