This is me!

I am a full time aviator and part time writer. Between some real flights & some flights of fancy, this blog took birth. If you like it, great! If not, come back later and I may have something better for you! Happy reading!

Me behind the controls of a Chetak helicopterSoon after a test flight on the mother of all helicopters - the 50-ton Mi-26

16 thoughts on “This is me!

    1. Am surprised that your name and background is not available on your blogging page, isn’t one suppose to be open so that gives credentials to content of your views.. ur recent article on MIG s just an eye opener, needs more data to corroborate what s written. Dig deeper into air accidents and why so ?

      1. Dear Sir, if you scroll down each of my articles you will find my name at the bottom. I have a public profile on Twitter and LinkedIn too. I am not on FB or Instagram though.
        Your point about more data to corroborate is well taken and I had made a mention of it in the MiG article. In the absense of data in public space, all we can do is speculate. Hope that changes. Warm regards, KPS

  1. Amazing blog Sir, I have bookmarked it. Also, are you on Twitter? Let me know your twitter handle please. Thanks

  2. A very well written blog sir. The ‘This is me! ‘ photo cracked me up.

    Your words share the human part of everything an officer embodies.

    Thank you for putting things as they are, hard to come by these days.

  3. good evening sir

    sir if you could please throw some light on role of Flight Test engineers and their role in the future projects in Navy like IAC

  4. Well – I got to your blog when a friend sent the link of your write up on Essel! I was fortunate to spend couple of years with him in school before he packed off to NDA!
    Your writing took me back over 30 years to just say Dimpi was the same then and the same when we lost him!
    thanks for the great write up – shall go through your blogs at leisure – your writing sure paint vivid pictures! Keep writing…

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