When a Naval Aviator Flew the Mi-26 ‘Halo’

First four of the 15 CH47F Chinook heavy lift helicopters ordered by Indian Air Force arrived at Mundra port on

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Be Prepared

The story I am about to narrate harks back to the lessons we learnt as boys & girls scouts in

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Mirage 2000 Crash in Bengaluru 1st Feb 2019 – Sad Loss of a National Resource

What We Know An Indian Air Force (IAF) Mirage 2000 crashed during takeoff on 1st Feb 2019 at about 1030

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Flight Testing in Indian Navy – Synergies for the Future

Introduction Ten years ago, I was flying a desk in Naval Headquarters called ‘Aviation Plans’. We had ambitious plans to

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The Slapgate Controversy

On 01 Jan 18, passengers flying on a long haul Jet Airways flight 9W119 from London to Mumbai were witness

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Ocean’s Best

The original superstars of Naval Academy

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