Nuts & Bolts of Leadership – The Paint & Varnish Story

How would you feel if at the age of eighteen you were given a shaving blade and made to strip

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Navy Ball Stories

“Are you attending the Navy Nite?, my coursemate asked me yesterday. “What’s that? I only know Navy Ball”, i replied

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Nuts & Bolts of Leadership – The Ice Lolly Story

If the incident I am about to recount sounds like the obverse of Indian taxation system, please pardon me. The

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Slop Chit Syndrome

Slop chits are so handy. I for one can’t do without them. This serendipitous discovery by American company 3M, is

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Nuts & Bolts of Leadership: Get Down & Dirty

Few years ago, I had the unique opportunity to be part of a white water rafting expedition from Tuting, near

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