Help is on the way, dear!

Recent initiatives by some world leaders reminded me of the closing scenes from Mrs Doubtfire. Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) does

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Rising From The Ashes

On 17th May 1985, a small Islander aircraft with two crew onboard was launched for a non-stop cross country (NSXC)

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Naval Chief’s Clarion Call – Gangway Perfume or Cast in Steel?

Sometimes, organisational drift can become so large that basic virtues and unquestionable codes of conduct require a rude awakening all

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Nuts & Bolts of Leadership – The Paint & Varnish Story

How would you feel if at the age of eighteen you were given a shaving blade and made to strip

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Nuts & Bolts of Leadership – The Ice Lolly Story

If the incident I am about to recount sounds like the obverse of Indian taxation system, please pardon me. The

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