Incredible India!

This should be my shortest post ever.

I clicked this while on my way to work in a city which is designated as one of the 20 cities in the Indian Government’s ambitious ‘Smart City’ programme.

Nano Scooter

For the Government of India, this should depict the daily struggle and actual needs of a burgeoning middle class population.

For Cyrus Pallonji Mistry, here’s some motivation to carry forward the legacy of Ratan Tata and his dream of a sub-1 Lac car. Needless to say, there are opportunities galore for anyone who can bring to fruition innovative ideas to solve a very basic problem of getting from A to B.

What are our real needs? Will internet solve the many fundamental problems that we have?

How many of you can spot the fifth occupant of this vehicle?

4 thoughts on “Incredible India!

  1. Kp.. The family at least had a motor cycle to themselves.

    Have u seen the people scrambling on top of train or on a bus in villages..

    By growing at 8% for 2 years.. We think we have conquered the world.. Smart cities are nothing but a way to lure the investors in buying real estate.. Mind u even in a smart city.. The entire city will not be developed.. It will only be a designated area..

    A good article.. Way to go

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